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The NEGRO docu-series was started in 2010, and explores colonization, the casta system, the African Diaspora, enslavement and human trafficking and the white pathological and racist foundations and current framework of Latinidad. Through historical research, the unraveling of the core of colonization and its modern-day coloniality customs, and interviews centering the racialized experiences of Afrolatinas, Afrolatinos, Afrolatines and Afrodescendants, the series deconstructs the contemporary pigmentocracy of race, class, gender and color complex among Latines and its diaspora.


 "'NEGRO' is an essential resource to  be used in any educational space which focuses on the Black Diaspora. This educational resource is of more importance when focusing on the operation of race in Latin America and the lived experiences of Blacks from throughout the region and beyond. NEGRO serves to disrupt dominant narratives and it is an accessible way for students, at any level, to become informed and motivated to act."


Post-doc, duke university

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