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Started in 2010, by Dash Harris, Negro is a docu-series exploring identity, colonization, the casta system, enslavement and human trafficking, the white pathological foundations and current framework of Latinidad, and the African Diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean and the color complex among Latin@s. Through candid interviews, the social manifestations and consequences of the deep-seated race, color, gender and class complex is deconstructed. 

This docu-series explores the history and present attitudes of race, color, self identification and social interaction among Latinxs from AfroLatinas, AfroLatinos, AfroLatines, Black Latinxs, and Latinos themselves. 

Within the NEGRO docu-series, there is a two-hour length documentary, thirty topical video shorts focusing on topics such as "pelo malo," "mejorando la raza," black women, and more. There is also our "FINDING IDENTITY" sub-series focusing on individual identity stories. 

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